Video Promotion Tips for Authors

People feel more of a connection to people they can see and hear. This is important for authors, because readers buy into you as a person, not just as a producer of novels.

When it comes to converting people from readers into fans, being able to connect with you as an individual matters. Fortunately, YouTube videos are easy to create and increasingly popular with authors and readers alike.


How to Make YouTube Videos Quickly and On a Budget

Don’t let a lack of equipment put you off. A dedicated microphone and video camera will give you the best quality visuals and audio, but if you’re on a budget, you can use your webcam for ease or use your smartphone for mobility.


1. Acquire your equipment

Webcam – if you bought your laptop in the last few years, it will almost certainly have an integrated webcam, usually in a central position just above the monitor. If your laptop doesn’t have this, you can buy an external web camera for under $20.

Smartphone – If you’re using your smartphone, note that video takes up a lot of storage space so you may need to transfer it after recording. Your video recording function will be located as an app on your phone.


2. Write a script

Once you have the basic equipment, and most people already have these items, write a script before recording anything. Don’t read from the script, but it’s good to have an idea what you want to say and in what order.

For inspiration, look at current trends. Check out these great author videos.


3. Set up your recording area

When you start recording, film where there is plenty of light. If it’s too dark, change location or use a lamp. Use a white lightbulb and have it behind your camera, pointing towards your face.


4. Press record

Don’t worry if you have to do several takes. This is normal.

Resist getting obsessed with perfection. The imperfections might be what make you more human and more approachable. As long as they don’t detract from your message, these can work in your favor. And a few ‘mistakes’ can always be removed during the editing process.


5. Edit your video

With your video file on your computer, you can edit your video using free software, such as iMovie, Davinci Resolve, and HitFilm 4 Express. Stick to removing lengthy pauses and making the video flow. Your readers are unlikely to expect television broadcast quality from your video. They just want to see and hear you speak.


6. Upload to YouTube

Save and export your video to mp4. From your account on YouTube, you can then upload your work.

Video promotion doesn’t require professional equipment or a huge chunk of your schedule. The benefits can far outweigh the costs.

Give video promotion a try with an author YouTube video and let us know how you get on.