Research, Write, and Promote Your Novel Without Ever Leaving Your Home

Writing a novel isn’t easy. In some ways, however, it has never been easier. Remember when writers used typewriters to prepare manuscripts? No? Be thankful.

And that’s not all that’s changed. Whether you have mobility problems due to age, handicap, a lack of money, or you just don’t like the look of the weather, you can now handle researching, writing, and promoting your novel without even getting near your front door.

Researching Your Novel Online

Going to the library and visiting the settings you want to use in your novel is a great idea. Many writers supplement this with any of the many online tools that aid research. And let’s face it – that big search engine beginning with G is a great starting point. In many cases, it’s possible to do all your research without leaving your chair.

Even if you need to research a location, Google Street View allows you to visit places and look around 360 degrees. This can save you time, as well as potentially saving you a fortune on air fare.

Also remember that people like to be helpful. Quora is a great place to find experts who will answers your questions for the love of sharing their specialist knowledge and building their platforms online.


Today’s authors have the power of desktop publishing at their fingertips. You can outline, plot, write, and redraft your novel without taking a step outside your home.

When you’re ready, send your book to your editor by email. Then review the edits via Office’s Track Changes. Finally, you can read your page proofs online.

This not only makes things more convenient, but it also makes the writing and publishing process faster.

Writing and publishing is still a collaborative occupation for most people, but collaboration with other professionals can happen via your laptop, which is good, because many authors like to collaborate in their pajamas at 5 in the morning.


If you’re an author, you will have heard about the importance of your author platform, which comprises your website, social media presence, and email newsletters.

Guess what? You can create and maintain all of these from your desk chair.

Many authors handle much of the business of being a writer via their smartphones. They are connected to their readers via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

Facebook, in particular, has fantastic tools for targeting readers and advertising to them. With the right social media platforms, some reading, and some persistence, you can put the power of a small marketing team behind your words.


People say that writing is a solitary profession. The tools now available to you as a writer mean that it is potentially more solitary than ever. For some, this will be a blessing. For others, don’t forget to get out for a walk every now and then.