The Benefits of Pub Site

A strong web presence can lift authors from obscurity to fame. It can bolster book sales and author tour engagements. If a reader loves a book, he or she will search for the author to learn more. A great website full of information can turn casual readers into fans.

Pub Site is an exciting new website builder designed with books and their authors in mind. It is easy to use, supports social media, blogging, online bookseller links, and e-commerce, along with author tools. With Pub Site, authors can go from no web presence to an impressive, professional, and flexible site even if they don’t have web design skills.

Real Life Pub Site Clients

As a professional author website provider, Pub Site is a clear winner, as proven by existing author pages.

Peter W. Wood, an accomplished writer, hosts his author website through Pub Site. Visiting his page, one can see how easy it is to navigate. Wood’s biography, blog, articles, contact information, social media links, and additional information are easy to find and enjoy!

Bobbi Smith is another author whose website is designed and maintained by Pub Site. This romance queen takes advantage of Pub Site’s easy modular build. Note that the site does not use the same template as Peter W. Wood’s site, but it offers the same depth of information.

Design and Functionality

From the style to the functional aspects of this page builder, Pub Site is very customizable. Author websites can feature every work an author has published, organized by series, age groups, and/or categories. A search feature adds an easy way for visitors to find a specific work. Authors can easily adjust the appearance of the site with a customized header and colors.

Why We Love Pub Site

We know that authors need websites. We trust Pub Site to provide an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool.

Authors are busy and focused on writing (or we like them to be). Pub Site ensures that clients like ours can continue to work on their writing without falling off the face of the internet.

Pub Site is especially exciting because it’s scalable. For a new author, Pub Site helps to market an inaugural book, but it’s easy to keep the marketing going when an author introduces new books or continues a series.

As well as being effective, and easy to use, it’s very affordable. Our clients love Pub Site. We love Pub Site (my own author website is on it). And you will, too.