Spot the Typo

In the world of indie publishing, KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a fantastic way to get your work into the hands of eager readers. With KDP, writers can self-publish their ebooks and paperbacks, in less than five minutes. The books show up in a matter of days, and it’s free to publish.

This #poweredbyindie platform is an optimal way to make money, get to market, and keep control of your rights and your list prices.

When you choose to publish with KDP Select, your book will be available to Kindle Unlimited readers. Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s subscription reading service, opening up the pool of readers who will find and love your book.

KDP Select is exclusive, so your book cannot be offered outside Amazon. You will have to decide what is more lucrative to you — Amazon’s readers with Kindle Unlimited, or more control but none of the subscription service readers.

One thing to know either way is that the KDP’s dashboard will alert you to any potential proofreading issues or typos. This is a great feature … unless you don’t know what the typo is!

Where’s the Typo?

When we decided to republish Evan Marshall’s Jane and Winky Mystery series, so that KDP readers could find it, we ran into a problem. KDP’s dashboard told us there was a typo on the cover of Hanging Hannah, but we couldn’t find it!

We wondered if it was the ampersand in Jane & Winky. There was also the @ symbol in Marshall. Amazon’s proofreading machines were better than our own human proofreading, which shows just how powerful this platform can be!

Perfecting your Cover on KDP

When you publish a book on KDP, you can update your books at any time, including the cover. After creating a book, you simply navigate to your dashboard and choose to edit the ebook or paperback content. Upload a cover file and, once someone from Amazon has reviewed it, Amazon will publish your changes.

KDP’s cover creator helps when you don’t have a file already. This resource is great for indie publishing, when you want something that looks professional and eye-catching but may not have a designer or design programs available.

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We solved our typo conundrum and finished updating and republishing the Jane and Winky series. Along with Hanging Hannah, we republished Stabbing Stephanie and Missing Marlene for our readers to enjoy.