Joe Yogerst murder mystery Nemesis debuts to great reviews

San Diego’s turbulent Wild West roots are the focus of Nemesis, a murder mystery by Joe Yogerst published on October 30th by the Blank Slate imprint of Amphorae Publishing.

Set in the 1880s, Nemesis blends fictional characters with true crimes and real-life people (like Wyatt Earp) who lived San Diego during an era when it was a rowdy seaport and violent cowboy town on par with Deadwood, Dodge or Tombstone.

“Skillfully told and artfully crafted, Joe Yogerst paints a vivid portrait of San Diego in its infancy. From the breathtaking first chapter to the twist at the end, Nemesis is a psychologically complex and compelling thriller,” says Cynthia A. Graham, author of the award-winning Hick Blackburn mysteries.

“The villain’s point of view is presented in alternating chapters to create a sense of foreboding. Nemesis, as he calls himself in notes he leaves behind, is determined yet conflicted. What did his victims do to deserve their harsh and grisly deaths? The question at the heart of Nemesis—can two men put aside their differences to save the day?—appears in many westerns, but that traditional dressing belies the real heart of the novel, which is truly a psychological thriller.”