Eric Red to sign at Dark Delicacies bookstore

Eric Red will be doing a book signing for The Wolves of El Diablo at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, CA, on Sunday, August 13, at 4pm.

Dark Delicacies is located at 3512 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91505. (818) 556-6660.

The highly anticipated sequel and the second book in his popular Men Who Walk Like Wolves series, The Wolves of El Diablo creates a new epic dark fantasy mythology readers are sure to devour.

“Couldn’t put it down. The action is nonstop relentless…I can’t wait for the movie!” says Jack Ketchum, bestselling author of The Girl Next Door.

Fans of fantasy, westerns, horror, and action are sure to enjoy the high-octane thriller in which the heroes who won’t back down find themselves trapped on a train and facing an unbeatable battle against a horde of unstoppable werewolves. Eric Red’s classic feel meets with a whole new brand of adrenaline-fueled excitement that will entertain fans for hours.

“With this series, I wanted to create a new epic dark fantasy mythology of legendary heroes battling supernatural monsters in fantastic realms that will span a trilogy and take readers where they haven’t been before,” says Eric Red when asked about his inspiration for the series.

“The Men Who Walk Like Wolves series is a crossover of the Western and horror genres, mixing classic Western gunfighter good guys with classic horror bad guy werewolves,” says Red, “Because both Western and horror are action-packed, good guy-versus-bad guy stories, it’s a natural mash-up.”