Is a Book Publishing Course Right for You?

If you want to break into the world of book publishing or sharpen your existing skills, book publishing courses can be the key to success. There are many types of courses, from complete post-graduate programs to shorter certificate programs designed for those already in the industry. Here, we’ll share information about some of the most well-known courses designed for a full degree or as an intensive short course, along with the benefits of programs like these.

Where to Take Publishing Courses

Publishing courses are available all over the world. This small selection represents some of the most reputable programs, as well as those that are located in cities with major publishing houses.

The NYU Center for Publishing offers both a master’s program in publishing for digital and print media, as well as a summer program that is a six-week intensive course. Whether you take the full graduate program or the summer publishing course, you will learn from qualified industry professionals.

The Columbia Publishing Course is all about both book and magazine publishing and digital media, also taught by industry experts. With the course, students get access to résumé tools and workshops, and a job fair to make breaking into the industry easier.

At Pace University, graduate students can learn about book and magazine publishing along with digital media, and add on to the learning with an optional 12-credit certificate program in book publishing, digital publishing, magazine publishing, or the business of publishing itself.

University of Denver’s Publishing Institute offers a four-week summer program giving an overview of the publishing industry from industry professionals.

The George Washington University MPS in Publishing covers everything from acquisitions to digital publishing, and for students interested in academic publishing specifically, there is a graduate certificate available focused on that field.

In Boston, Emerson College has a Publishing and Writing MA program that covers both publishing, and literature.

Benefits of Publishing Courses

Whether you choose one of the above programs or another one, the benefits are mostly the same. A degree or certificate in publishing could make your résumé stand out. Working alongside industry professionals also gives students networking opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere, especially given that many of these programs are situated in cities that are well known for publishing.

Overall, pursuing a publishing course demonstrates a strong commitment to a career in publishing, with the skills and education to match.