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NovelCreator™ 5.0 started 20 years ago with my bestselling novel-writing guide, The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing. This is where I first debuted my novel-writing method which combines what I consider the essential techniques of fiction: viewpoint writing, character development, and plot. I learned programming and developed the first version of the software myself. Ten years after the book was published, The Marshall Plan® was first released as software. We’ve continuously updated it and given it different titles since it was first published, and it’s now called NovelCreator™ 5.0. It has helped thousands of writers become happily published, successful authors, even bestselling authors. I hope it can help you too.

NovelCreator™ 5.0 now has a flexible novel structure fully integrated with character development and dynamic plotting. It provides moveable scene cards in a flexible novel outline designed to include the novel’s story arc, viewpoint characters, and plot points, forming a scene-by-scene narrative you can change and develop any way you like. Outline your novel with a click. Change it with another click, and your outline adjusts automatically.

Best of all, NovelCreator™ 5.0 has a new lower price of $79.99, powerful features, and a 14-day free trial. I hope you check it out.

Evan Marshall

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